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Description (may be empty)
1 CH-REQH  Request output to changer; Low : Request
2 GND  
3 Vcc  +12V
4 CH-CON  Changer control out; High : Operation mode Low : Standby
5 CH-MUTE  Mute request from changer; High : Mute
6 AGND  Audio Ground
7 CH-RST  Reset output to changer
8 R  Audio right channel
9 CH-REQC  Request input from changer; Low : Request
10 CH-DATAC  Data input from changer
11 CH-DATAH  Data output to changer
12 L  Audio left channel
13 CH_CLK  Clock input/output for changer

Pins 5,8,9,10,12 - for input, pins 1,4,7,11 - for output, pin 13 - input/output.

13 pin kenwood e30-0825-05 proprietary of Kenwood CD changer connector layout
13 pin kenwood e30-0825-05 proprietary connector
at the Head unit
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Kenwood CD changer visual pinout:
Kenwood CD changer diagram
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