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A: Power B: Speakers C: Changer / special
1. CAN B 1. RR 1. TMC In + Audio
2. subwofer active 2. RR - 2. TMC audio in -
3. CAN A 3. RF 3. TMC mute in
4. +12 V ACC 4. RF - 4. -
5. antenna control 5. LF 5. -
6. - 6. LF - 6. control amplifier *
7. +12 V BATT 7. LR 7. tel in +
8. Ground (-) 8. LR - 8. tel in -
Radio has a logic of ignition, so the pros are swapped places.  
  • R - right (right)
  • L - Left (left), second letter indicates the location of
  • R - Rear (rear)
  • F - Front (front) 
    - means the negative speaker terminal 
    Note: Do not connect (-) with the mass of the vehicle and may damage the amplifier.
9. tel mute
10. -
11. -
12. Tel GND
13. CD out date
14. CD data in
15. 12 V constant
16. Switchable +12 V
17. CD weight of .e bus
18. Audio CD GND
19. CD audio L
20. Audio CD R
CD Changer Interface 13-20

Changer is probably a standard Blaupunkt CDC-A08, despite confusing description. Contact marked * are not always connected. The radio is connected with the installation of the car using the CAN bus. Some radios are additionally secured control of the CAN modules are connected, if it does not detect the display will show the message CANCHECK. This is a very effective protection against the use of another's property, but it turns out that it is no longer a problem to bypass the blockade. 

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Fiat Stilo visual pinout:
Fiat Stilo diagram
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