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may be used with any mini-usb compatible device

For the Mini-USB connector.

Description Mini-USB Pin
1 VCC +5V, up to 500 mA by USB 2.0 standard 1 Red
2 USB Data- 2 White
3 USB Data+ 3 Green
4 USBOTGID. Shorted to GND, N/C, or shorted to GND via resistor  4  
4 GND 5 Black

Colors do not mean anything - just make sure the colors match from end to end. Using the de-facto color is for industry types only.

The maximum length of a standard USB cable (for USB 2.0 or earlier) is 5.0 metres (16.4 ft). The primary reason for this limit is the maximum allowed round-trip delay of about 1,500 ns. If USB host commands are unanswered by the USB device within the allowed time, the host considers the command lost.

The data cables for USB 1.x and USB 2.x use a twisted pair to reduce noise and crosstalk. USB 3.0 cables are more complex and employ shielding for some of the added data lines (2 pairs); a shield is added around the pair sketched.

5 pin Mini-USB type B plug схематический вид разъема
Разъем 5 pin Mini-USB type B plug
at the cable
4 pin USB A plug схематический вид разъема
Разъем 4 pin USB A plug
at the cable
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