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works with any MS Zune player
Pin Pin
01 USB 5VDC(+) USB 5VDC(+)
02 USB 5VDC(+) USB 5VDC(+)
03 USB 5VDC(+) USB 5VDC(+)
04  RXD  UART receive
05  TXD  UART transmit  57000bps active low 1.8v TTL
06  reserved  
07  reserved  
08   reserved  
09 Video (+)  composte video out / component video Y output
10  Luma  component video Pb outpupt
11  Chroma  component video Pr outpupt
12 A/V Ground  Audio Video ground seperate from power ground
13 Audio L (+)  
14 Audio R (+)  
15 reserved  
16 reserved  
17 reserved  
18  Detect pull low to being authentication sequence
19 PwrOut/SPDIF  pull low to have Zune source power for external devices / Digital Audio out
20 USB Data (-)  
21 USB Data (+)  
22 USB Ground  
23 USB Ground  
24 USB Ground  


24 pin cell phone unspecified proprietary of Microsoft Zune, Zune HD connector connector layout
24 pin cell phone unspecified proprietary connector
at the Microsoft Zune HD
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Is this pinout
Microsoft Zune, Zune HD connector visual pinout:
Microsoft Zune, Zune HD connector diagram
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