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3W3 Sub-D connector for high-current applications


Description Gender
@ Cable
1 0V Supply return M F
2 GND Ground F M
3 -48V 48 volt negative supply M F

If you only have 2 power cables at your disposal, and you're sure that you're dealing with a positive ground system; you can just make a short between pins 1 and 2.

The connector is a high-power version of the 15-pin Sub-D housing. It can be found at all major component suppliers; do a search for "3W3", and you'll probably end up with plenty of results. Some manufacturers sell these as complete connectors, other (FC T) offer empty shells where you can add male or female connector pins.

3 pin Sub-D 3W3 male схематический вид разъема
Разъем 3 pin Sub-D 3W3 male
at the PSU
3 pin Sub-D 3W3 female схематический вид разъема
Разъем 3 pin Sub-D 3W3 female
at the cable
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