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2013-01-27 00:22:00rev. 1CORRECTAPPROVED
2014-11-26 23:59:43rev. 2ERROR FIXEDPin 4 is noted as a PWM signal. While it can be driven by a 5 volt digital PWM signal, it is, in fact, an analog fan speed control signal. 0 volts = off, 5 volts = 100%, 2.5 volts = 50%, ...APPROVED
2015-04-25 09:51:44rev. 3CORRECTNo Errors, Just wish I would have found this sooner before burning up an apple delta 40mm franticly trying everything to get it to spin in my pc. APPROVED
2015-04-25 09:55:43rev. 3CORRECThowever on a 40mm delta fan from say an Xserve the pinout is in a different order and with different colors, 1 is red two is black three is blue and for yellow this is red 12v black gnd blue pwm and yellow is signal.APPROVED

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