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INCORRECTI have a Compaq 216922-002 power supply, which is out of a computer, which was working; until the power supply failed. Comparing its plug to your diagram- pins 1 8 are orange(3.3v) pin 3 (black) is RTN, and pin 14 (yellow) is +12v. The rest of the pins arent matching up. I have RTNs on pins 5,7,and 13. There are red wires(+5v?)on pins 2,4,and 6. There is a blue wire on pin 9, a gray on pin 10, a green on pin 11, and a purple on pin 12. These four pins are the ones Im not sure about, although they appear to be incorrect as well. Following the wires into the supply, the blue is labeled as -12v, the gray as fan off, and the purple as 5v stand by. The green wires label cant be read, but it is likely the on/enable wire. I hope this helps.APPROVED
2009-02-17 13:03:33rev. 1CORRECTThis is in fact correct for iPaq 1.x series connectors, but is INCORRECT for iPaq 2.0 power supplies (e.g. the 216922-002). I'll post the correct pinout for these systems in a moment...APPROVED

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