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2009-12-19 18:33:54rev. 2CORRECTno errors to my knowledge,,what is REM,WR,PG and F/M. i want to know which pins to jump to turn on power supply while it is out of the unit.APPROVED
2010-03-09 03:44:56rev. 2ERROR FIXEDthe pin out image is upside down. if you leave the numbers where they are, flip only the connector vertically. (i.e. pin 1 and 12 should be U-shaped, not square)APPROVED
2012-07-24 19:37:11rev. 5INCORRECTMy PSU doesn't turn on when I pull 23 and 24 to GND!APPROVED
2014-12-16 17:57:29rev. 5CORRECTseem to be rightAPPROVED
2017-01-15 14:17:21rev. 5CORRECTРаспиновка верная. Помогло, когда потребовалось прикрутить обычный ATX блок к старичку compaq dl320 Единственное нужно отметить, 12-й пин должен быть заземлен, это фан менеджер, иначе будет стопориться на биосе с ошибкой по фану.APPROVED
2017-09-27 04:59:10rev. 5CORRECTAPPROVED
2023-08-12 16:35:44rev. 5CORRECTNo errors, I tested all pins and all are correct.APPROVED

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Author Comment
2010-09-25 21:40:14rev. 3Andre Gro?e BleyI got a unit for repair on my lab table and sharing some results
2011-08-18 12:11:35rev. 4Juliuspin 23 reads H8 or HB and needs to be GND also to power ON all the Voltages otherwise only the fans run low and +5V HS is there
2011-11-24 21:26:01rev. 5previous version too long

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