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ERROR FIXEDThe pinout as far as USB connections go, is fine.
Thanks a million for your submittal!!
The problem is with the illustration of the connector. It is labeled 1 over 2 and 19 over 20. looking at the connector from the top side of the motherboard, it should be labeled 2 over 1 and 20 over 19.
To recap:
I have also deciphered (by trial-and-error) the jumpers needed to bypass the MIC connector and send the audio signal to the soundcard amplifier. I will try to illustrate it soon, and will send it to you for submittal. Thanks again!
In essence, the pinout is correct.
The connector diagram, on the other hand, is labeled incorrectly.
It should be:
When viewed from the top (connector) side of the motherboard.
CORRECTPin 2 = still unknown +4.92V
Pin 6 = still unknown +4.92V
Pin 13 = Audio Right IN (connects to Pin 10 when headphone is unplugged)
Pin 14 = still unknown 0V
Pin 15 = Audio Left IN (connects to Pin 12 when headphone is unplugged)
Pin 19 = MIC IN
Pin 20 = still unknown +4.76V

Motherboard is MiTAC 681xBU (Bluford), partial pinout from 6813BU manual.

Note: Unknown pins have to do with detection of front panel connection. If you find any other info about them, please contact me. -PiNkY
2012-03-08 20:02:32rev. 5ERROR FIXEDThe Dell Dimension 2400 uses the "standard" 9 pin USB header for the front ports and use a separate connector for the front headphone jack (the same connector used on many dells of that era).APPROVED
2013-01-06 22:18:59rev. 6ERROR FIXEDHello, It appears that you have the descriptions for pins 6 and 8 reversed. Instead of this: ? 6 -?- Unknown Vcc 8 -?- +5V for USB ~Both~ It should be like this: Vcc 6 -?- +5V for USB ~Both~ ? 8 -?- Unknown thank you.APPROVED
2013-10-14 04:22:31rev. 6CORRECTAPPROVED

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2008-09-09 14:51:50rev. 3BusyBillTo use this board in a non-dell case w/o front USB & sound: Jump (connect) pins 10-15 for rear sound. Jump (connect) pins 2-14 to avoid "Front panel USB cable not detected" error.
2008-11-27 22:26:40rev. 4PiNkYGreat job! Only source for this particular pinout!

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