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CORRECTThe pinout is correctAPPROVED
CORRECTWith a 18K resistor the NAPPROVED
INCORRECTI have a garmin 200w. I dont not have a resistor hooked up but when testing pin 1+4 and 1+x they both came out 5V. The garmin thinks its hooked to the computer. i am using a 12v out on a Computer power supply with a 5.1V resistor. What should i do?APPROVED
CORRECTWith your meter measuring resistance, you will see either a resistor value or open between x and 4. If you are seeing the resistor value, and also 5V between 1 and x, then x and 4 are connected together (by the resistor) and that is why the 5V has a path to ground.APPROVED
2009-06-02 18:13:03rev. 4CORRECTBought a car charger with a mini usb connector, dismantled the plug and removed the resistor then soldered pin 4 and 5 together and it works fine. In diagnostic mode it says its connected with a type A device. With the garmin official power cable it says connected with power cable. All in all a good get you out of trouble power cable when the genuine one breaks!APPROVED
2009-07-08 19:46:15rev. 4CORRECTWorks fine! I have a NUVI 350, used 18k between pin 4 and 5. Device consumes not more than 400mA, but is navigating and charging. Thanks!APPROVED
2009-07-30 03:03:16rev. 4CORRECTIf you don't have 18k resister, you can short the pin 4 and pin 5. No issue at all. may nuvi 660 works fine with that.APPROVED
2009-08-05 17:24:22rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED
2009-10-07 08:06:36rev. 5INCORRECTNot sure what I am doing wrong ? I have a typical car charger adapter that outputs +5V dc. I also bought a USB cable (USB A to mini USB). I cut off the USB A side and keep the mini side. I connect as follows : Car Adapter RED <-> Mini USB RED (PIN 1) Car Adapter BLK <-> Mini USB ground/wire shield (PIN X) Mini USB PIN 4 <-> Ground (PIN X), w/ and w/out 20K Ohm None of the connections puts the device into charge/navigate more. I keep getting stuck in the data mode. APPROVED
2010-04-08 16:57:42rev. 6CORRECTWorking 100%APPROVED
2010-05-07 13:17:08rev. 6CORRECTAPPROVED
2010-05-18 13:24:03rev. 6CORRECTWas reading this while sitting at work desk when I remembered how people used to short out points on CPUs with a lead pencil. 30 seconds later, after a few strokes of a 0.9mm HB clutch pencil lead I had a working "charger only" USB cable with pins X and 4 shorted. Thanks for the initial pinout information.APPROVED
2010-05-23 14:53:42rev. 6CORRECTThe tip given by a reader to rub a HB pencil lead across pins X and 4 is brilliant. Works for me too, though not likely to survive many connectsAPPROVED
2010-05-28 00:10:12rev. 6CORRECTThanks for the info! I used a 1/4W 22Kohm resistor from RadioShack and it works great.APPROVED
2010-06-09 13:52:25rev. 6CORRECTAPPROVED
2010-07-11 22:39:27rev. 6CORRECTAPPROVED
2010-07-14 06:14:29rev. 6CORRECTUsed USB mini b extension cable with pin X connected to ground through a 18 k-ohm resistor as stated by the author. It works like a charm, thanks!APPROVED
2010-09-15 03:04:43rev. 6CORRECTIt works. I replaced the 200K resistor with 18K (1/4W) in a Motorola cellphone charger. The current is 0.4A when charging the GPS. I even can do navigation while charging (same current 0.4A). Thank you for providing this useful information. APPROVED
2010-11-16 19:24:16rev. 6CORRECTshould be correct. I installed a 18K Ohm resistor from Pin X to Gnd and the cable is now seen as a charging cable and no longer going to PC mode on my Nuvi 750. I cut open a factory made cable (but not from Garmin) for USB use at the Mini end, and carefully cut out all the filled plastic, and the metal shield cover etc, and get to the exposed soldering joints and pins. I removed the middle pin as it's too close and could cause a short, and I cut off both wires for the data lines (2,3) as I am not going to re-use that cable (have many) for data after this. I re-use one wire for soldering the resistor as the pin X is missing the soldering tab so only the thin pin can be used after I cut off some plastic on the black base to expose it. Direct resistor (1/8W type, not SMD) solder is "stiff to stiff" so it breaks apart too easily. And then I put it back together w/ electric tape, but wrap the exposed gnd wire w/ tape first (I don't have my heat shrink tube w/ me), w/ the carefully cut apart (at side gap close to what was the original molding) rubber boot / cover. This saves me $20. for a cable!APPROVED
2012-02-01 06:42:51rev. 7CORRECTokAPPROVED
2012-03-13 13:49:36rev. 7CORRECTNo errorsAPPROVED
2012-04-14 00:31:58rev. 7CORRECTthank you!!!APPROVED
2012-07-29 19:56:18rev. 7CORRECTNo, everything is just fineAPPROVED
2012-08-23 12:50:21rev. 7CORRECTThere are no errors. It works just fine.APPROVED
2012-09-06 18:12:40rev. 7CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-09-30 03:39:18rev. 7CORRECTCorrect. I have achieved shorting pin X and 4 by cautiously applying some silver conductive paint.APPROVED
2012-12-24 19:43:49rev. 8CORRECTshorting pin X to 4 works for the Garmin Oregon 450. No complaints by the device about "an unsupported device" :-)APPROVED
2013-02-12 20:51:46rev. 8CORRECT18kOhm = perfect!APPROVED
2013-03-08 13:48:53rev. 9CORRECTGarmin zumo350 charging with 18k resistor.APPROVED
2013-03-24 19:47:58rev. 9CORRECTPinout compatibility: please add following device Garmin Zumo 660 thank you APPROVED
2013-04-03 00:55:02rev. 9CORRECTI just soldered pin X and pin 4 together and it works on my Nuvi 780APPROVED
2013-04-18 17:05:28rev. 9CORRECTAPPROVED
2014-01-09 14:44:07rev. 11CORRECTOn my Nuvi 670 I cut open mini USB & added 18k resistor between pins 4 & 5 - now it doesn't go into mass storage modeAPPROVED
2014-05-01 22:33:08rev. 12CORRECTAPPROVED
2014-05-06 16:49:18rev. 12CORRECTAPPROVED
2014-07-03 17:56:52rev. 12CORRECTAPPROVED
2014-07-18 10:26:37rev. 12CORRECTNO errors. On the GPSmap 62stc I tested connecting pins 4&5 thru a 47Kohm resistor; it also works with pins 4&5 shorted together.APPROVED
2014-07-23 05:31:17rev. 12CORRECTGood information. I utilize it to fix the charger for my Nuvi 260. I ordered 2 different charger for it and both of them got the same result.APPROVED
2015-01-11 06:26:34rev. 13CORRECTAPPROVED
2015-03-20 23:35:46rev. 13CORRECTAPPROVED
2015-03-20 23:36:23rev. 13CORRECTAPPROVED
2015-05-26 08:23:37rev. 13CORRECTAPPROVED
2015-09-25 01:16:39rev. 14CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-01-24 15:28:18rev. 14CORRECTTested with a GARMIN ZUMO 220 using a 1/8W 18KOhm 5% resistor. Works perfectly. Please add GARMIN ZUMO 220 to devices list.APPROVED
2016-01-30 15:23:46rev. 14CORRECTWorks with the NUVI 1250. 15K resistor between pin 4 and 5 I first shorted the cables, but that didn't work. Thank you for the tutorial!APPROVED
2016-04-05 20:48:57rev. 14CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-05-17 01:46:46rev. 14CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-06-29 18:22:49rev. 14CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-11-02 14:29:54rev. 14CORRECTlooks good thank youAPPROVED
2016-12-31 12:24:04rev. 14CORRECTYour page is great. I modified a Dezlcam's magnet mount assembly which allowed me to experiment with other home brew chargers - from this I have new info as I tested the GPS within dev mode showing the charging status. The GTM60 cable is a rated 5V/2A charger, between its pins 4/5 it has a 27.6 kOhm resistor (measured at 66 F). I sourced a 25 kOhm resistor from a scrap PCB and soldered it into the mag mount assembly, and my garmin DezlCam permits 2.5A charging rate thru the mini-USB connector now - before it would only charge with the GTM60 charger. Interestingly, I used the GTM60 in conjunction with this resistor mod and the GPS unit didn't care about the lower resistance and maintained the 2.5A charging rate(due to 27.6 kOhm being in parallel with my added 25 kOhm). The length and AWG size of the USB cable's wires makes a huge impact on voltage drop and the viability of using an alternate cable (quality 22AWG charging cable yielded 4.7V from my charger vs some thin crap which yields 4.2V). I found that the rear mini-USB currently allows a max of 2.5A draw and the 'front\ micro-USB (used for data xfers, etc) is good for 1.8A - both depending on the charger and the quality of cable built. Both of my standalone USB phone chargers (BackBerry and an Amazon) were able to put out 1.8A over a microusb connection. Attempting both phone chargers on the rear mini-usb connection yielded unhappy chargers because of the GPS wanting 2.5. So for those Garmin units that are compatible with the GTM60, owners may want to try a 25 kOhm resistor - and ensure they have the proper power supply to feed it. Going into the GPS's developer mode with the resistor mod intalled and viewing the power source menu item revealed the following steps of current. Micro: 500mA 1300mA 1800mA Mini 500 mAcontinuous 1300 mA 2500 mA ** ** will trip weak DC power supplies APPROVED
2017-05-31 03:28:55rev. 15CORRECTMeasured 17,4 kΩ in Garmin 320-00239-22 (5W / 1A cigar lighter adapter).APPROVED
2017-06-05 23:51:26rev. 15INCORRECTDoes not show the 18 pins in the cradle.APPROVED
2017-11-28 16:51:42rev. 15CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-02-02 19:47:42rev. 15CORRECTTested on Montana 600, only charging and navigation when pin 4 & 5 short-circuited.APPROVED
2018-03-19 20:43:54rev. 15CORRECTAPPROVED
2019-06-27 22:16:41rev. 15CORRECT18k between pins 4 & 5 is absolutely perfect - device draws 925mA when connected to a 5V @ 2A PSU.APPROVED
2019-12-27 21:45:01rev. 15CORRECTAPPROVED
2020-05-20 17:44:12rev. 15CORRECTAPPROVED
2021-12-21 02:01:57rev. 15CORRECTAPPROVED
2023-05-01 17:33:35rev. 15CORRECTWork with 22 k ohm for a Garmin Drive 60 too.APPROVED

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2008-10-20 22:12:22rev. 3Novellus
2009-01-03 22:24:04rev. 3
2009-05-14 21:35:03rev. 4fenderbenderMini-USB has 5 pins, labeled 1 thru 5. It's erroneous to label pin 4 as "pin X", and pin 5 as "pin 4". I've corrected the above entry. Could someone please fix the image of the mini-USB plug on the main USB entry?
2009-08-07 17:41:30rev. 4RajeshI shorted pin 4 and 5 and that works fine too.
2009-08-20 22:40:26rev. 4Stefan Krude
2010-01-06 23:20:08rev. 5Bob NgChanged to Pin number to make it the same as the picture, this would avoid confusion!
2011-01-21 21:48:00rev. 6
2011-09-18 14:39:34rev. 7Jason Bramleyadded actual results from garmin nuvi 1370T for 22k Ohm resistor
2013-02-20 21:52:10rev. 8
2014-01-15 21:48:52rev. 11References to Pin X and 4 are confusing when the diagram shows them as pin 4 and 5 - so changed 4 to X and 5 to 4
2014-11-23 20:45:10rev. 12Billshouldn't the description under pin 4 read connectedto pin 5? It currently reads pin 4.
2015-08-23 17:04:50rev. 13

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