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ERROR FIXEDPin 3 TXD description Receives Data from Peripheral to Organizer (Noltage Levet is 3.3V - 5.0V). Description should read Transmit Data. From organizer to peripheral.(Voltage Level is 3.3V - 5.0V)
INCORRECTthis table get from in HOLUX manual AS IS
but there another numeration in miniUSB connector
with your picture numeration should start be 1-vcharg, 2-rx(from gps to pc), 3-tx(from pc to gps), x-not used, 4 - gnd
2016-04-05 13:17:07rev. 3ERROR FIXEDPin 4 TX from GPS (NMEA out). Pin 3 RX of GPS (Command)APPROVED
2016-04-05 13:52:37rev. 3CORRECTSorry... My previous incorrect notification was wrong! This is correct. The Holux manual lists the pins in the reverse order... ie pin 1=GND, pin 5=VCHARG.APPROVED

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