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2010-03-17 17:29:21rev. 3ERROR FIXEDI think pin number is incorrect. Shoudl be reverse (from 18 to 1)APPROVED
2010-10-23 13:51:18rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED
2010-12-29 19:38:34rev. 4ERROR FIXEDFrom LG KC-550 service manual: 1 FM_ANT (FM radio antenna / Audio ground) 2 HS_MIC (Headset microphone signal) 3 TV_OUT (TV_OUT signal) 4 HSO_L (Headset left sound) 5 HSO_R (Headset right sound) 6 USB_DP/ REMOTE_INT (USB+/ Remote control interrupt) 7 USB_DM/ REMOTE_ADC (USB-/ Remote control Key ADC) 8 JACK_DETECT (Headset detect (active low)) 9 VBAT (Battery voltage) 10 VBAT (Battery voltage) 11 RPWRON (Remote power on (active high. 2.0~V)) 12 VCHG (Charger voltage) 13 VCHG (Charger voltage) 14 DSR (DSR) 15 VBUS_USB (USB VBUS) 16 UART_TX (Trace TX data(Debug)) 17 UART_RX (Trace RX data(Debug)) 18 GND (Power GND)APPROVED
2012-08-26 11:11:55rev. 5CORRECTbattery terminal are broken, hence need to repaire. Need detailed diagram of the battery terminal connection to mother board.APPROVED

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2011-07-05 21:52:24rev. 5Alexdescription for pins 15-17 corrected

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