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CORRECTYour PS/2 Y-adaptor works PERFECTLY on my Toshiba Satellite Pro 405CS (ok, still an ancient laptop I admit, but, a slightly newer version than the one you tested on.) In fact, I was able to plug in my nice USB Logitech MX500 now that I finally have a real mouse PS/2 port APPROVED
CORRECTWorks with my 3 HPs.

Should also work with this.

OmniBook 2100, OmniBook 3100, OmniBook 4100, OmniBook 4110, OmniBook 4150 (13.3), OmniBook 4150 (14.1), OmniBook 510, OmniBook 6000, OmniBook 6000B, OmniBook 6000C, OmniBook 6100, OmniBook 7100, OmniBook 7150, OmniBook 900, OmniBook 900B, OmniBook vt6200, OmniBook XE3, OmniBook xe4100, OmniBook xe4400, OmniBook xe4500, OmniBook xt6050, OmniBook xt6200, Pavilion N3000, Pavilion N3390, Pavilion N3490, Pavilion N5000, Pavilion N5195, Pavilion N5200, Pavilion n5250, Pavilion N5295, Pavilion n5300, Pavilion N5350, Pavilion N5400, Pavilion N5400B, Pavilion N5400B (AMD), Pavilion N5400B XH5xx Notebooks (AMD), Pavilion N5400C, Pavilion N5401, Pavilion N5415, Pavilion N5421L, Pavilion N5425, Pavilion N5430, Pavilion N5440, Pavilion N5441, Pavilion N5450, Pavilion N5451, Pavilion N5455, Pavilion N5470, Pavilion N5474, Pavilion N5475, Pavilion n5490, Pavilion N5491, Pavilion n5495, Pavilion N5511L, Pavilion N5584, Pavilion N6100 Notebook, Pavilion N6195, Pavilion N6300 Notebook, Pavilion N6400 Notebook, Pavilion N6490, Pavilion XH176, Pavilion XH200, Pavilion XH226, Pavilion XH300 (Intel), Pavilion XH395, Pavilion XH400 (AMD), Pavilion XH485, Pavilion XH500 (AMD), Pavilion XH555 (AMD), Pavilion XH675, Pavilion xt100, Pavilion XT155, Pavilion xt300, Pavilion xt412, Pavilion ze4100, Pavilion ze4101, Pavilion ze4111s, Pavilion ze4115, Pavilion ze4123, Pavilion ze4125, Pavilion ze4140, Pavilion ze4145, Pavilion ze5100, Pavilion ze5170, Pavilion ze5185
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