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There are 13 approved reports in our database

Date Content
User opinion Comment Approved by moderator?
2016-12-28 09:32:54rev. 5CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-06-21 13:09:41rev. 5ERROR FIXEDAPPROVED
2017-08-17 15:14:07rev. 5CORRECTCorrect at least for ASUS main boardAPPROVED
2018-05-10 08:50:25rev. 5CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-12-04 11:09:55rev. 6CORRECTAPPROVED
2019-01-04 20:52:04rev. 6ERROR FIXEDWrong pin out for 10 pin IDC connector http://www.frontx.com/cpx102_2b.htmlAPPROVED
2019-01-09 17:31:41rev. 6CORRECTAPPROVED
2019-01-30 01:50:47rev. 6CORRECTnoneAPPROVED
2021-04-04 01:08:37rev. 6CORRECTAPPROVED
2021-09-08 23:32:28rev. 6CORRECTAPPROVED
2022-02-15 21:53:57rev. 6CORRECTAPPROVED
2022-06-17 05:30:07rev. 6CORRECTNo, I verified that both pinouts are correct. Thank you for having both different RS-232 serial port pinouts listed!APPROVED
2023-09-19 16:17:34rev. 6CORRECTAPPROVED

History of users contributions

Date Content
Author Comment
2018-07-01 20:36:09rev. 5Jared HoagThis is a correction to the posting about AT/EVEREX vs. DTK/INTEL pin-outs for RS-232 connectors. There were 2 errors on the posting. Someone typed in "DTK/EVEREX" instead of "DTK/INTEL", and someone also typed in "DB9" instead of "DE-9". Thanks!

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