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2009-07-19 13:51:45rev. 1CORRECTAPPROVED
2009-11-14 16:11:01rev. 1CORRECTAPPROVED
2011-12-30 15:34:11rev. 1CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-01-22 02:59:24rev. 1CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-11-09 02:21:59rev. 1CORRECTThe wiring diagram is a bit hard to read.APPROVED
2012-12-08 10:12:53rev. 1CORRECTAs I know and used this kind of adapters, it seems to be right.....APPROVED
2012-12-24 15:27:58rev. 1CORRECTAPPROVED
2014-05-19 22:15:55rev. 1CORRECTit is very easy to understand even a novice can easily interprete itAPPROVED
2015-12-13 19:06:38rev. 1CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-07-12 16:39:17rev. 1CORRECTOn the drawing, tou don't specify if it is In position or Out position for the black line position. We can find it by deduction. Can you draw some(----) for Out position ? RegardsAPPROVED
2017-12-23 14:46:35rev. 1CORRECTAPPROVED
2020-10-15 18:21:54rev. 1CORRECTAPPROVED
2021-07-04 19:27:28rev. 1CORRECTAPPROVED

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