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CORRECTSATA Connector diagram need to specify receive and transmit (with respect to drive) pinoutsAPPROVED
CORRECTYour Answer Is Correct Thats It....Thank You For Your Information....APPROVED
ERROR FIXEDDoes not clearly indicate which end of the connector is pin 1.APPROVED
CORRECTPinout numbering OK. It would be nice to have a diagram showing the physical location of the pins relative to the polarizing whatsit.APPROVED
CORRECTAdd descriptions of what each pin does, but its correct for the restAPPROVED
ERROR FIXEDHi, in my opinion the mecanical pin 1 position you give in this document (in the top left figure) is incorrect
ERROR FIXEDI also believe pin 1 is incorrect. Check www.fciconnect.com and examine the Customer Drawing for part 59334 or 10038031. Check www.molex.com and examine pdf drawing for part 67491.APPROVED
2010-04-04 00:40:08rev. 5CORRECTAPPROVED
2010-04-25 00:16:52rev. 5ERROR FIXEDCurrently the document states "The SATA connector is keyed at pin 1.". Note that several other people already reported issues on this page with which end of the connector is pin 1. I believe that there's still something wrong, namely the phrase above. If the image of the data connector at the top left is correct (and I believe it is, given my research), your "keyed at pin 1." statement is incorrect. Note that I have an Aspire One which has imprints _on PCB_ stating a pin sequence 1.....7 8.....22 for a [non-soldered] standard HDD combo connector (data plus power). And the key plastic of a combo connector is exactly after pin 7, as a Google Images "SATA hdd connector" or a look at any SATA hdd (not avail here ;) quickly confirms. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_ATA also mentions that "Coding notch" is after pin 7!! If the pins in the SATA spec are indeed linearly numbered (as the Acer PCB suggests, and this seems very logical), then it just _has_ to be keyed at 7 and _not_ 1, there is no room for error.APPROVED
2010-06-15 21:54:14rev. 5INCORRECTAs another kind user says; the phrase 'is keyed at pin 1' does appear to be incorrect, if 'keyed' means the location of the notch. The drawing and pin-numbering is _correct_. The Power connector _is_ keyed at pin 1, however, these two ends are close to eachother. It would be better to remove the sentence "The SATA connector is keyed at pin 1." completely. If you search google for "The SATA connector is keyed", it will _only_ return results saying "at pin 1". I believe this is an error in the original documentation, which has been copied all over. -OR- I do not understand what keyed means. :) (at least, anyone will now have a chance of making sure their connections are correct). APPROVED
2011-12-15 22:18:50rev. 7ERROR FIXED"SATA signal names are with respect to the Host. Transmit pins connect to Receive pins on the other device. The SATA connector is keyed at pin 1." is written under pinout table. There should be "keyed at pin 7" (according to picture here in upper-left corner and other internet documents). I may be wrong because I didn't fully understand what the following means "SATA signal names are with respect to the Host." but in this case this text needs revision anyway to make it clear enough.APPROVED
2012-05-28 19:10:51rev. 8CORRECTIts ok, i test itAPPROVED
2012-07-17 11:02:31rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-08-03 20:09:01rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-09-15 21:46:57rev. 8ERROR FIXEDNeeds addition of eSatap or eSata/USB Combo as this does have power supplied with either +5v or both +5v and +12V APPROVED
2013-01-30 04:57:17rev. 9CORRECTAPPROVED
2013-02-12 17:29:03rev. 9CORRECTAPPROVED
2013-03-19 20:10:00rev. 9CORRECTAPPROVED
2013-04-16 13:15:04rev. 9CORRECTNice article. Now I know how a SATA cable is pinned. With a connector-connector adapter and a seperate powersupply, one could easily use Cat5-e or newer as extenders in a large Serverroom where a Sata drive can be external to the actual server.APPROVED
2014-11-18 03:48:42rev. 10ERROR FIXEDThe line "SATA 6.0Gb/s (SATA III, 750Mbps)" should read "SATA 6.0Gb/s (SATA III, 6.0Gbps)". It appears that the author may have attempted to convert the transfer rate to bytes/second from bits/second, but this is incorrect since it should have read "750MBs" not "750Mbs". I'm not even considering the question of whether or not bytes/second is even allowed to be derived from bits/second by simply dividing by 8. The maximum bit rate may not be directly proportional the actual aggregate or average bit rate due to transmission pauses between bytes or even bits of data.APPROVED
2016-01-16 11:59:17rev. 10ERROR FIXEDPlease also show the connections for sata drive power pins .APPROVED
2016-08-22 02:37:58rev. 13ERROR FIXED7 pin SATA Pin 1 used on my Hot Plug array for signalling.APPROVED
2017-04-25 18:26:19rev. 13CORRECTnoAPPROVED
2017-11-28 16:28:05rev. 14CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-01-29 11:50:54rev. 14ERROR FIXEDThe pins are probably correct, but the information about speed is incorrect. There is *so* much confusion and misinformation all over the net about this, it's incredible! SATA is 1.5GHz, which means it transfers 1.5 Gbits per second. GHz and Gbits is always measured as 1Gbit = 1000000000, not as 1024x1024x1024. Since there's 10 bits per byte, not 8, we'll end up with a calculation like this: 1500000000 Gbits /10 bits perbyte / 1024 / 1024 = 143.051147 MB/sec (not 150MB). SATA2 (A.K.A. 3G SATA) can thus transfer 286.1MB/sec (not 300MB) and SATA3 (A.K.A. 6G SATA) can transfer 572.2MB/sec (not 600MB). Sadly, less than 1% of the population will ever utilize the speed that the high speed SATA interfaces make available. The interface is rarely 'saturated', because most drives only deliver between 100MB/sec ... 150 MB/sec. However you can replace one internal 3.5" drive with a RAID0 enclosure and insert two WD RED 2.5" drives (137MB/sec each) to achieve a transfer rate of 274MB/sec. Related info: On harddisks, the manufacturers like to write that a harddisk that has 500000000 Bytes avaialble actually has 500MB available; this is the same thing; the actual number of MB avaiable is 500000000 / 1024 / 1024 = 476.837158 MB. APPROVED
2018-09-13 02:29:10rev. 22CORRECTAPPROVED
2020-02-16 23:46:08rev. 22INCORRECTUnder the connector diagram (and on the page to which the text links) the word 'motherboard' is incorrectly spelt 'motheboard'APPROVED

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2009-10-19 22:14:56rev. 3YojikGood Luck
2011-01-04 13:58:04rev. 5Mark
2011-05-31 22:14:15rev. 6Motheboard -> Motherboard (cannot update in first connector field)
2012-01-04 20:53:21rev. 7FiB3RThanks for the great resource

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