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ERROR FIXEDConnect Pin 3 to GND for 140 ms to just power on, not power off,
as it can be read on http://www.boehmel.de/lanc.htm
ERROR FIXEDOh, im sorry, you wrote it right, I ment when connecting LANC to gnd then it just powers on...APPROVED
2009-06-08 03:19:59rev. 2INCORRECTdiagram does not match pin chart i.e. diagram shows L/1 are the same pin but the chart indicates R/1APPROVED
2012-11-19 20:11:24rev. 2CORRECTShould be correctAPPROVED
2013-01-15 01:08:25rev. 2CORRECTAPPROVED
2013-01-27 01:44:04rev. 2CORRECTThe R and L label on the connector is a bit misleading. I realize it is the typical audio right and left position but R and L show here just confuses the issues. They are, as you show in your chart, +Vdc and LANC. It would have been more clear to use the 3, 2, 1, designations and dropped the R & L. Or replace R, L with A and B. APPROVED

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2018-03-15 17:47:07rev. 3Rainermake the pinning more clear for use of 2.5mm jack and minidin

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should be correct