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CORRECTthe treo 700p is 4 poled...i tried a stereo headset out on it and it worked perfectly!!!APPROVED
ERROR FIXEDThe microphone is actually at the tip. The two inner bands are the left and right channels (not sure which is which) and the base is common ground. I know this for 2 reasons. I have been replacing my headphone plugs with 2.5mm ones and if you look at a mono wired headset you will notice it has only the tip, one band and a common ground. The 4 pin 2.5 that comes with the treo 700p has the 4 bands and the tip is for the microphoneAPPROVED
ERROR FIXEDThanks for putting this info on the web!

The diagram has the right and left channels switched around. Connector 1, the tip, should be the left channel, and 2, the ring closest to the tip, should the right.

See section 15.1.12, page 302, of the Palm Developer guide, here:
CORRECTThey must have changed the Developers Guide. I found supporting information in Chapter
16.1.1 thru 16.1.3 All on one page #312. This guide is Rev H and was seen May-26-2008 on a same day DL from the Palm Developer site. This diagram WITH the 3 pin note is absolutely
correct with pin 2 being the mechanical detect switch.

2009-08-14 12:39:13rev. 2CORRECTNo errors, great information! I used this information to convert an adapter designed for the Blackberry Pearl to be used with my Treo. Thanks!APPROVED
2010-06-25 17:36:26rev. 2INCORRECTyes these pinouts same as nokia handset but not working nokia headset in treo sorryAPPROVED

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