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ERROR FIXEDswap info from 1 to 8
2014-12-19 06:01:35rev. 2CORRECTNo hay errores. La informaciĆ³n es correcta y precisa, incluida la de la ficha RJ45 (8P8C).APPROVED
2017-01-21 07:20:34rev. 2CORRECTExcellent!APPROVED
2018-02-03 20:46:53rev. 3CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-10-12 07:05:00rev. 3ERROR FIXEDThere is another connector on the vertex model vx4000V. It has a double row with 14 pins total. Your information is not incorrect, it is incomplete.APPROVED

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2008-11-27 22:29:25rev. 2Dick Leining, W7DMLGND, MIC, and PTT are incompatible with an Icom VHF radio.

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