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Wiring diagram pinout to place Garmin Nuvi, Oregon and GPSMAP 62 GPS in recharge mode.
Pin Pin
1 +5V 5 volts DC
2 data not connected / float
3 data not connected / float
4 GND connected to pin 5 (GND) with 17.3K ohm resistor
5 GND ground

Standard 5 pin mini-USB connector has pin 4 connect to ground (pin 5) through a 200K ohm resistor (Note: The standard USB connector has only 4 pins, the mini-USB has 5 pins). To place Nuvi into charging mode, the 200K ohm resistor must be changed to 17.3K ohm. (also successful with 18k and 22K ohm resistor from Radio Shack, also a cheap 1/8W, 5%, 15k ohm resistor will work just fine!)

Nuvi behavior depends on mini-USB plug connection. (IMHO) it is like this:
pin 4 not connected - data cable, nuvi connects to PC as removable drive, navigation NOT possible.
pin 4 & 5 short-circuited - USB supply 500mA, possible navigation,
pin 4 & 5 connected through 18kOhm resistor - Garmin supply 1A, possible navigation.
pin 4 & 5 connected through 22kOhm resistor - Garmin supply 500mA, possible navigation.

I personally modified a cable that connected pin 4 to pin 5 (shorted), and verified the 500 mA charge behavior as noted above.

I simply waded up some aluminum foil and stuck it in the connector so that pins 4 and 5 were shorted. Works.

Nuvi requires 1000mA for simultaneous charging + GPS operation [many 'generic' 12VDC-to-USB adapters output a maximum 500mA]

Garmin Oregon requires a resistor of at least 47K ohm for running in external power supply mode (100K ohm also works). Smaller values are working, too, but Oregon then first shows a message that an unsupported accessory was found.

On Nuvi 670 add 18k resistor between pins 4 & 5 - and it doesn't go into mass storage mode.

On my Nuvi car cigarette adaptor, data pin 2 is shorted to pin 3.  Not sure it makes any difference however.  I confirmed a 17.5k resistor between 4 and 5.


pin 4 not connected - data cable, GPSMAP 62 connects to PC as removable drive.
If it fails because it is connected to your car battery, it switches to external power supply mode after several secondes.

pin 4 & 5 connected through 47 k Ohm resistor - GPSMAP 62 switches to external power supply mode immediately without waiting.


5 pin Mini-USB type B receptacle connector layout
5 pin Mini-USB type B receptacle connector
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