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Head unit pinout abbreviations meaning

Pin function

Power pins

BAT Battery+  (12V direct from Battery). 
GND, GROUND Chassis Ground
 ACC Ignition powered. +12 V with the ignition key is in the ACC or ON position.
ANT+, P.ANT, ANT Power for Electric Antenna. Output +12 V (maximum 150 - 300mA) 

Audio pins

FR+ or RF+ Front right speaker out
FL+ or LF+ Front left speaker out
RR+ Rear right speaker out
LR+ or  RL+ Rear left speaker out
FR- or RF-, FL- or LF-, RR-, LR- or RL- The corresponding speaker ground

Misc. pins

MUTE This pin is used to silence the audio, earthed by some other external components that is connected to the radio.
GALA,GAL, GA, SCV This pin is used in some radio equipment to automatically boost up the volume. It needs the output from the speed sensor.
Amp Amplifier control
CAN-L, CAN-H CAN on board diagnostic bus
SDARS Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service
32 (22+10) pin Chrysler Head Unit (Car Stereo) proprietary of Chrysler P05064066AD, P05064066AE, P05064066AE connector layout
32 (22+10) pin Chrysler Head Unit (Car Stereo) proprietary connector
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Is this pinout
Chrysler P05064066AD, P05064066AE, P05064066AE visual pinout:
Chrysler P05064066AD, P05064066AE, P05064066AE diagram
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