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20 pin Nissan Head Unit Audio main connector layout
20 pin Nissan Head Unit Audio main connector
p/n 281851SX0A

W/C Signal
2 L
Sound signal front LH +
3 B
Sound signal front LH -
4 LG
Sound signal rear LH +
5 Y
Sound signal rear LH -
7 R
ACC power supply
8 SB
Illumination control signal +
9 R
Illumination control signal -
11 BR
Sound signal front RH +
12 W
Sound signal front RH -
13 GR
Sound signal rear RH +
14 P
Sound signal rear RH -
19 Y
Battery power supply

W/C stands for Wire Color. It is for Murano 2014 and very dependent on model and model year.

W/C Signal
33 G
AV communication signal (L)
34 R
AV communication signal (H)
12 pin Nissan Head Unit connector layout
12 pin Nissan Head Unit connector
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Nissan (2011-2014) Murano 6-CD Head Unit visual pinout:click to enlarge
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