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36 (20+8+8) pin Head Unit / Car Stereo ISO connector layout
36 (20+8+8) pin Head Unit / Car Stereo ISO connector
1 A1 CAN B (BUS B)
2 A2 BOSE Amp input
3 A3 CAN A (BUS B)
4 A4 ACC+
5 A5 Power for Electric Antenna. Output from the stereo +12 V (maximum 150 - 300mA) power supply for automatic or electronic antennas.
6 A6 N/C
7 A7 +12V Battery Power 
8 A8 Ground (Chassis)


Car audio ISO connector B pinout

Connector B is used only for the speakers. Which wire goes to which speaker can be easily determined with a battery of 1.5 V. Speaker will click and you will see the diaphragm move forward or backward. Speakers must be properly phased (note the + and - half on the speaker), because otherwise you will have weak bass. Wire with a stripe usually goes to + pole of speaker.

1 B1 Right Rear +
2 B2 Right Rear -
3 B3 Right Front +
4 B4 Right Front -
5 B5 Left Front +
6 B6 Left Front -
7 B7 Left Rear +
8 B8 Left Rear -

Car audio ISO connector C pinout

Connector C are consist of 3 separate connectors that are tied together. It is not always present, sometimes only a part.

1 C1 N/C
2 C2 N/C
3 C3 N/C
4 C4 N/C
5 C5 N/C
6 C6 +12v switched - maximum 150mA
7 C7 N/C
8 C8 N/C
9 C9 Chassis ground
10 C10 Steering wheel control buttons
11 C11 Steering wheel control buttons
12 C12 Steering wheel control buttons reference
13 C13 CDC (CD Changer ) data in (bus)
14 C14 CDC data out
15 C15 CDC +12v permanent
16 C16 CDC +12v switched - maximum 300mA (+A)
17 C17 CDC data ground (+U)
18 C18 CDC audio frequency ground
19 C19 CDC audio frequency left
20 C20 CDC audio frequency right
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Alfa Romeo (2000-2010) Connect NAV+ Head Unit visual pinout:click to enlarge
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