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p/n 56D 035 190A
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Multi-pin connector A, 8-pin, for loudspeaker outputs

Pin Function
1 Rear right loudspeaker, positive
2 Front right loudspeaker, positive
3 Front left loudspeaker, positive
4 Rear left loudspeaker, positive
5 Rear right loudspeaker, negative
6 Front right loudspeaker, negative
7 Front left loudspeaker, negative
8 Rear left loudspeaker, negative

Multi-pin connector A, 8-pin, for voltage supply lines and CAN bus

Pin Function
9 CAN bus, high
10 CAN bus, low
11 Display voltage supply, positive
12 Voltage supply, negative, terminal 31
13 Display HV CAN bus low
14 Display HV CAN bus high
15 Voltage supply, positive, terminal 30
16 Anti-theft coding control signal, SAFE, positive

Multi-pin connector B, 12-pin, for CD changer control and CD audio input signals

Pin Function
1 AUX signal input, left
2 AUX signal earth
3 CD changer, audio signal earth
4 CD changer, voltage supply, positive, terminal 30, contact continuous load greater than 1 A, temporary peak load 5 A
5 N/A
6 CD changer, DATA OUT
7 AUX signal input, right
8 CD changer, left audio channel, CD/L
9 CD changer, right audio channel, CD/R
10 CD changer, control line, switched positive
11 CD changer, DATA IN
12 CD changer, CLOCK (internal check protocol for data flow monitoring)

Multi-pin connector C, 12-pin, for telephone and microphone signals

Pin Function
1 Microphone input, negative
2 AUX output, audio, right
3 AUX output, common signal earth
4 Microphone output, negative
5 Telephone audio input signal left, negative
6 Telephone audio input signal right, negative
7 Microphone input, positive
8 AUX output, audio, left
9 Microphone output, positive
10 Telephone mute (mute switch for radio)
11 Telephone audio input signal left, positive
12 Telephone audio input signal right, positive


Multi-pin connector N91-10930, audio and video, 26-pin

(this will only be fitted to models fitted to vehicles with RVC factory fitted or ordered through spare parts with the RVC input option)

1 –  Reserved for Debug RX protocol
2 –  Reserved for Debug TX protocol
3 –  Not assigned
4 –  Video signal input, RGBS, negative (ground)
5 –  Video signal output LF, Right (Audio use 17 for ground)
6 –   Ground Sync input
(Internal universal preparation for mobile telephone, mobile telephone detection)
7 –   Video signal output, vertical and horizontal synchronisation(Internal universal preparation for mobile telephone, cradle and button evaluation)
8 –   Video signal ouput, green
(Internal universal preparation for mobile telephone, cradle, aerial diagnosis)
9 –  Video signal input, RGBS, negative (ground)
10 –  Video signal input LF, right  (Audio use 24 for ground)
11 –  Video signal input, screening earth
12 –  Video signal input, vertical and horizontal synchronisation
13 –  Video signal input, green
14 –  Not assigned
15 –  Not assigned
16 –  Not assigned
17 – Video signal output, LF, negative (ground)
18 –  Video signal output LF, Left  (Audio use 17 for ground)
19 –  Video signal output, RGBS, negative (ground)
(Internal universal preparation for mobile telephone, cradle, negative)
20 –  Video signal output, Blue
(Internal universal preparation for mobile telephone, switched terminal 30)
21 –  Video signal output, Red
22 –  Video signal input, LF, negative
23 –  Video signal input, LF, left (Audio use 24 for ground)
24 –  Video signal input, RGBS, negative (ground)
25 –  Video signal input, blue
26 –  Video signal input, red

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