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36 (20+8+8) pin Head Unit / Car Stereo ISO connector layout
36 (20+8+8) pin Head Unit / Car Stereo ISO connector
p/n 2E0057163E; p/n 2E0057163G (after 2009). Also for Mercedes Sprinter Vito (2006-2013), Viano A-Klasse



Connector C


2006-2008 year


2009-2014 years


1 Telephone NF left, positive
2 Telephone NF right, positive
3 Telephone NF, negative
4 Telephone mute, switching to mute when telephone is used (parallel to pin 3 of multi-pin connector 5)
6 CD changer “ON” N/A
7 Battery voltage supply, positive reserved for external device
8 Digital earth reserved for external device
9 CD changer, DATA (exchange of data for dash panel with time display) reserved for external device
10 CD changer, CLOCK (internal check protocol for data flow monitoring) reserved for external device
11 CD changer “RESET” reserved for external device
18 CD changer, left and right channels, audio, negative Connection for external audio sources, negative
19 CD changer, left audio channel, positive, CD/L Left connection for external audio sources, positive
20 CD changer, right audio channel, positive, CD/R Right connection for external audio sources, positive

 Connector B

1 Rear right loudspeaker, positive
2 Rear right loudspeaker, negative
3 Front right loudspeaker, positive
4 Front right loudspeaker, negative
5 Front left loudspeaker, positive
6 Front left loudspeaker, negative
7 Rear left loudspeaker, positive
8 Rear left loudspeaker, negative


 Connector A

2 Self-diagnosis, K-wire in models before 2008, later N/A
3 Telephone mute, mute switch for telephone operation
4 Positive voltage supply, terminal 30
5 Aerial circuit output and also optionally for auxiliary blower for radio
6 CAN bus, high
7 CAN bus, low
8 Negative voltage supply, terminal 31


According to 1 reports in our database (1 positive and 0 negative) the Volkswagen (2006-2014) RCD 2001 Crafter Head Unit pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
Volkswagen (2006-2014) RCD 2001 Crafter Head Unit visual pinout:click to enlarge
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