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40 (16+12+12) pin QuadLock Fakra Head Unit / Car Stereo connector layout
40 (16+12+12) pin QuadLock Fakra Head Unit / Car Stereo connector
p/n 1K0035186AN, 1K0035186AA

1 Right rear speaker, positive
2 Right front speaker, positive
3 Left front speaker, positive
4 Left rear speaker, positive
5 Right rear speaker, negative
6 Right front speaker, negative
7 Left front speaker, negative
8 Left rear speaker, negative
9 CAN high
10 CAN low
11 Supply voltage supply, connected, positive
12 Negative connection, terminal 31
13 CAN-Bus display, negative
14 CAN-Bus display, positive
15 Positive connection, terminal 30
16 Antitheft system control signal, SAFE


12 pin connector C

1 Microphone input, negative
2 AUX output, audio, right positive
3 AUX output, audio, negative
4 Microphone output, negative
5 Left telephone LF signal input, negative
6 Right telephone LF signal input, negative
7 Microphone input, positive
8 AUX output, audio, left positive
9 Microphone output, positive
10 Telephone mute
11 Telephone LF signal input, left positive
12 Telephone LF signal input, right positive

12 pin B connector


1 AUX input, audio, left positive
2 AUX input, audio, negative
3 CD changer, audio, negative
4 CD changer, voltage supply, positive
5 n/a
6 CD changer, data out bus
7 AUX input, audio, right positive
8 CD changer, left port audio, positive
9 CD changer, right port audio, positive
10 CD Changer, control signal
11 CD changer, data in bus
12 CD changer, clock bus



Pin function

Power pins

+Ub Battery+  (12V direct from Battery). 
GND, GROUND Chassis Ground

Audio pins

FR+ or RF+ Front right speaker out
FL+ or LF+ Front left speaker out
RR+ Rear right speaker out
LR+ or  RL+ Rear left speaker out
FR- or RF-, FL- or LF-, RR-, LR- or RL-, SGND The corresponding speaker ground
IN-R, IN-L Audio line out
LINE IN Audio line in

Misc. pins

PHONE MUTE This pin is used to silence the audio, earthed by some other external components that is connected to the radio. 
CAN-, CAN+ CAN on board diagnostic bus
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Volkswagen (2006-2019) RCD 310 Head Unit visual pinout:click to enlarge
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