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Pinout for Buell ECM 1999 and later

This is the schematic for the ECM as used on the Buell later tubeframe (1999 - 2002) and XB9/XB12 (2003 - 2007) series.

Black Connector
Pin Pin Name Description Cable Colour
b1 +12 V

ECM power supply, switched battery power

b2 GND ECM ECM power supply ground black
b3 Fuell pump Fuel pump control (to GND) brown/yellow
b4 CEL Check engine lamp black/yellow
b5 Injector 1 Front injector control  W/Y
b6 Coil 1 Front coil control  yellow/blue
b7 Coil 2 Rear coil control  blue/orange
b8 Injector 2 Rear injector control  green/gray
b9 EVA feedback Exhaust valve activator feedback tan/violet
b1 BAS Bank angle sensor  light green/gray
b11 GND Coil Ground for coils black
b12 Tachometer tachometer output pink
Spade Connector
  EVA control (XB12 only) Exhaust valve activator control white
Gray Connector
Pin Pin Name Description Cable Color
g1 +5 V Power supply for sensors red/white
g2 TPS Throttle Position Sensor violet/yellow
g3 CPS Camshaft position sensor green/white
g4 O2 Exhaust gas oxygen sensor viloet/gray
g5 +12 V Keepalive ECM keepalive power, unswitched from battery yellow
g6 CF Cooling fan control (XB only) black/orange
g7 GND Sensors Sensor ground  black/white
g8 VSS Vehicle speed sensor (XB only) white
g9 ETS Engine temperature sensor pink/yellow
g10 IAT Intake air temperature sensor light green/yellow
g11 RX Serial data recive (TTL) light green/red
g12 TX Serial data transmit (TTL) violet/red

Connectors are Deutsch DT06-12SB (black)  and DT06-12SA (gray).

Image below shows view on sockets:


          gray            spade             black
   +-----------------+                +-----------------+
   |1  2  3  4  5  6 |      ||        |1  2  3  4  5  6 |
   |12 11 10 9  8  7 |      ||        |12 11 10 9  8  7 |
   +-----------------+                +-----------------+


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Buell ECM Connector visual pinout:click to enlarge
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