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used in models of 1994-2002's - W124, W129, W140, W202, W210, W220,... and some trucks


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1  Ground
2  Voltage, circuit 87
3  Battery voltage, circuit 30
4   Engine Fuel System (HFM-SFI Multipoint) or Engine Fuel System (LH-SFI, ME-SFI for right bank); IFI (In-line Fuel Injection); EDS (Electronic Diesel System), DFI (diesel Distributor Fuel Injection)
5  Engine Fuel System (LH-SFI, ME-SFI for left bank)
6  ABS (Anti-lock Brake System); ETS (Electronic Traction System); ASR (Acceleration Sleep Regulation); ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
7  EA/CC/ISC control module
8  BAS (Break Assistent) or BM (Base module)
9  ASD control module
10  Electronic Transmission control module (TCM, ETC, EATC)
11  ADS control module
12  SPS (Speed-sensitive Power Steering) control module
13  TNA-Signal (LH/Me/Diesel)
14  O2S (LH)
15  O2S II (LH) or IC (instrument cluster)
16  AAC (Automatic Air Condition); TAC (Telematic Air Condition); HEAT (Automatic Heater);
17  DI control module or TD-Signal (Diesel) or TN-Signal (LH)
18  Left DI control module
19  DM (Diagnostic module)
20  PSE (Pneumatic System Equipment) model 140; MFCM (Multi-Function Control Module) model 210
21  CF control module
23  ATA control module
25 RDK (Tire pressure monitor)
28  Ultrasonic PTS control module
30  AB (AirBag), emergency tension retractor SRS control module
31  RCL (Remote Central Locking) control module
35  LWR/HRA (Headlamp Range Adjustment)
38 pin Mercedes X11/4 proprietary of Mercedes 38 pin diagnostic connector connector layout
38 pin Mercedes X11/4 proprietary connector
at the Mercedes vehicle
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Is this pinout
Mercedes 38 pin diagnostic connector visual pinout:
Mercedes 38 pin diagnostic connector diagram
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