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Blackberry Passport (Q30) Keyboard connector pinout.

Taken from my own blog post tinlethax.wordpress.comActual connector pinout

Backlight LED layout

Keyboard Matrix Layout

1 GND Ground (Internally connected)
2 COL4 Keyboard Column 4
3 COL5 Keyboard Column 5
4 ROW1_R Keyboard Row 1 Right
5 ROW1_L Keyboard Row 1 Left
6 ROW3_L Keyboard Row 3 Left
7 LED_LA Anode of Left side Backlight LED 
8 INT Synaptics S350X Interrupt pin (Active Low)
9 SCL Synaptics S350X I2C Clock input (Requires pull-up)
10 SDA Synaptics S350X I2C Data I/O (Requires pull-up)
11 RST Synaptics S350X Reset pin (Active low)
12 AVCC Synaptics 3v3 analog voltage for touch sensing 
13 DVCC Synaptics 3v3 digital voltage for I/O
14 GND Ground (Internally connected)
15 GND Ground (Internally connected)
16 GND Ground (Internally connected)
17 ROW2_L Keyboard Row 2 Left
18 ROW2_R Keyboard Row 2 Right
19 ROW3_R Keyboard Row 3 Right
20 LED_ROW1C Cathode of Row 1 Backlight LED
21 LED_ROW2C Cathode of Row 2 Backlight LED
22 LED_RA Anode of Right side Backlight LED
23 GND Ground (Internally connected)
24 LED_ROW3C Cathode of Row 3 Backlight LED
25 COL1 Keyboard Column 1
26 COL2 Keyboard Column 2
27 COL3 Keyboard Column 3
28 GND Ground (Internally connected)

Note: The S350X chip is refer to either S3501B or S3508A. In each different batch of the keyboard assembly may have different chip but they functionalities are the same. 

More info about the reverse engineering of this Keyboard at

Connector : Hirose BM14B(0.8)-24DS-0.4V(53)  (Element14)


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