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7 pin mini-DIN female (key in the center) connector layout
7 pin mini-DIN female (key in the center) connector
1 Vpwr Roomba battery + (unregulated)
3 RXD 0 – 5V Serial input to Roomba
4 TXD 0 – 5V Serial output from Roomba
5 DD Device Detect input (active low) – used to wake up Roomba from sleep 
6 GND Roomba battery ground

The RXD, TXD, and Device Detect pins use 0 – 5V logic, so a level shifter such as a MAX232 chip will be needed to communicate with a Roomba from a PC, which uses rs232 levels.

According to 1 reports in our database (1 positive and 0 negative) the Roomba external serial port pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
Roomba external serial port visual pinout:click to enlarge
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