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This is the combo power and audio connector on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP.

                                 | 1  ___  2 |
                                 | ---   --- |
                                 |_6_5   4_3_|

1 Headphone Detect Shorts with pin 6 or shield to enable audio out and disable internal speaker 
2 Audio L  
3 PWR(+) 5.2v DC audio out while internal speakers are off
4 Audio R audio out while internal speakers on
5 Audio GND  


PWR(-) GND Charging ground as well as headphone detect 

There is report that 1+6 doesn't enable audio out and does not disable internal speakers. 5+6 do.

6 pin unspecified connector layout
6 pin unspecified connector
According to 4 reports in our database (3 positive and 0 negative) this pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
Game Boy Advance SP EXT.2 visual pinout:
Game Boy Advance SP EXT.2 diagram
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