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Here are the pin outs for the Sony Playstation 1 CD-ROM.

701 is on the Mainboard

702 is on the Laser Deck Drive (Laser Board System)


NOTE: Some pins WILL be incorrect. If that is the case, these will be updated soon to their correct adjustment when more research has been put in.

701-1 DATA Sled Motor SL-
701-2 NONE Sled Motor SL+ 
701-3 DATA Spindle Motor Block SP+
701-4 DATA Spindle Motor Block SP-
702-4 GND PDIC F
702-7 To IC723 PDIC PD1
702-8 To IC723 PDIC E
702-9 To IC723 Laser Diode - MI
702-1 DATA Laser Diode - LD
702-10 GND Laser Diode - Links to 702-9(MI) through a Resistor(?)
702-13 To IC106 Focus Coil FCS+
702-14 To IC106 Tracking Coil TRK+
702-15 NONE Tracking Coil TRK-
702-16 To IC106 Focus Coil FCS-


16 pin unspecified connector layout
16 pin unspecified connector
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Playstation 1 CD-ROM Pinouts visual pinout:
Playstation 1 CD-ROM Pinouts diagram
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