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36 pin SFF-8644 Mini SAS HD external plug connector layout
36 pin SFF-8644 Mini SAS HD external plug connector
the latest HD MiniSAS connector design for implementing HD SAS External interconnect solutions. Typical application is a SAS link between a SAS HBA to a SAS drive subsystem.

The SFF-8644 is compliant with the latest SAS 3.0 spec, and supports 12Gb/s data transfer protocol. It can support up to 4-ports (4 lanes) of SAS data.

The newer SFF-8644 HD SAS connector interface have essentially replaced the SFF-8643 interface and the older SFF-8088 external, SFF-8087 internal SAS interfaces

A1   Rsv  Reserved
A2   INTL  
A3   GND (shield)   Lane 1 receive
A4   Rx1+
A5   Rx1-
A6   GND (shield)   Lane 3 receive
A7   Rx3+
A8   Rx3-
A9   GND   
B1   Vact   
B2  ModPrsl  shorted to Ground in cable
B3   GND (shield)   Lane 0 receive
B4   Rx0+
B5   Rx0-
B6   GND (shield)   Lane 2 receive
B7   Rx2+
B8   Rx2-
B9   GND   
C1   SCL   eeprom communication in cable
C2   SDA   eeprom communication in cable
C3   GND (shield)   Lane 1 transmit
C4   Tx1+
C5   Tx1-
C6   GND (shield)   Lane 3 transmit
C7   Tx3+
C8   Tx3-
C9   GND   
D1   Vact   Sideband 5
D2  Vman   eeprom power in cable
D3   GND    
D4   Tx0+ Lane 0 transmit
D5   Tx0-
D6   GND (shield)
D7   Tx2+   Lane 2 transmit
D8   Tx2-
D9   GND (shield)
36 pin SFF-8644 Mini SAS HD external receptacle connector layout
36 pin SFF-8644 Mini SAS HD external receptacle connector
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Mini-SAS HD 4x SFF-8644 external connector visual pinout:click to enlarge
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