HDD and other storage devices connectors
SAS is a serial, point-to-point interfce with SCSI protocol set. Typical application of SFF-8643 connector is a internal SAS link between a SAS HBA to SAS drives.

Some storage controllers may include SAS interface and NVMe  (PCIe) interface by multiplexing the data and sidebands signals. The pinout follows the SFF-9402 specificatons. 

The SFF-8643 interface is compliant with the SAS 3.0 specifications, supports 12Gb/s data transfer protocol and up to 4-ports (4 lanes) of SAS data. 

A1   SB7   Sideband 7
A2   SB0   Sideband 0
A3   GND   
A4   Rx1+   
A5   Rx1-   
A6   GND   
A7   Rx3+   
A8   Rx3-   
A9   GND   
B1   SB3 GND   Sideband 3 ground
B2   SB1   Sideband 1
B3   GND   
B4   Rx0+   
B5   Rx0-   
B6   GND   
B7   Rx2+   
B8   Rx2-   
B9   GND   
C1   SB4   Sideband 4
C2   SB2   Sideband 2
C3   GND   
C4   Tx1+   
C5   Tx1-   
C6   GND   
C7   Tx3+   
C8   Tx3-   
C9   GND   
D1   SB5   Sideband 5
D2   SB6   Sideband 6
D3   GND   
D4   Tx0+   
D5   Tx0-   
D6   GND   
D7   Tx2+   
D8   Tx2-   
D9   GND   


36 pin SFF-8643 Mini SAS HD socket connector layout
36 pin SFF-8643 Mini SAS HD socket connector
at the backplane
36 pin SFF-8643 Internal HD Mini SAS plug connector layout
36 pin SFF-8643 Internal HD Mini SAS plug connector
at the cable
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