HDD and other storage devices connectors
The SFF-8484 connectors are commonly found on some older SAS/ SATA controllers, i.e. Dell PERC 5/i, PERC 6i. Nowdays SFF-8484 is mostly superseeded by SFF-8087.

The SFF-8484 (and newer SFF-8087) are used for internal four lane connections. 

Common cable configurations are SFF-8484 to 4x SFF-8482 (plus a four pin Molex connector) or SFF-8484 to four 7-pin SATA style connectors.

1   GND   
2   Rx0+   Lane 0
3  Rx0-    Lane 0
4   GND   
5   Tx0-   Lane 0
6   Tx0+   Lane 0
7   GND   
8   Rx1+   Lane 1
9   Rx1-   Lane 1
10   GND   
11   Tx1-   Lane 1
12   Tx1+   Lane 1
13   GND   
14   Sideband 0   
15   Sideband 1   
16   Sideband 2     
17   Sideband 3     
18   Sideband 4   
19   Sideband 5   
20   GND   
21   Rx2+   Lane 2
22   Rx2-   Lane 2
23   GND   
24   Tx2-   Lane 2
25   Tx2+   Lane 2
26   GND   
27   Rx3+   Lane 3
28   Rx3-   Lane 3
29   GND   
30   Tx3-   Lane 3
31   Tx3+   Lane 3
32   GND   

Some lanes may be not connected in cable (depends on cable and host configuration). I.E. in cable with 3 physical links lane 3 pins (27,28,30,31) will be N/C.

32 pin SAS internal SFF-8484 female connector layout
32 pin SAS internal SFF-8484 female connector
at the cable
32 pin SAS internal SFF-8484 male edge connector layout
32 pin SAS internal SFF-8484 male edge connector
at the backplane
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Source(s) of this and additional information: Serial Attached SCSI - 1.1 (SAS-1.1) draft
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