HDD and other storage devices connectors

The slimline connector is defined in SATA 2.6 specification and intended for smaller form-factors such as notebook optical drives. Pin 8 of the slimline power connector, denoting device presence, is shorter than the others to allow hot-swapping. The slimline signal connector is identical and compatible with the standard version, while the power connector is reduced to six pins so it supplies only +5 V, and not +12 V or +3.3 V.

SATA Slimline pinout diagram

Pin Name Function
1 GND Ground
2 A+ Transmit+
3 A- Transmit-
4 GND Ground
5 B- Receive-
6 B+ Receive+
7 GND Ground
8 DP Device Presence
9 +5V 5V Power
10 +5V 5V Power
11 M Manufacturer diagnostic
12 GND Ground
13 GND Ground
13 pin (7+6) SATA Slimline connector layout
13 pin (7+6) SATA Slimline connector
at the storage device
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