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10 pin Memory stick proprietary connector layout
10 pin Memory stick proprietary connector
Memory Stick is a removable flash memory card format, used mostly in Sony portable hardware.

Variations includes the Memory Stick Pro, a revision that allows greater maximum storage capacity and faster file transfer speeds; Memory Stick Duo, a small-form-factor version of the Memory Stick (including the Pro Duo); and the even smaller Memory Stick Micro (M2). The Memory Stick is defined in the minds of many by its proprietary nature, as the majority of portable devices that use it are Sony and Sony Ericsson devices.

Memory stick is read or written by half-duplex serial protocol of three-wire system. Write speed is 1,800MB - 330KB/s. Depends on flash memory cell. Read speed is 2.45MB/s.

1 VSS Vss
2 BS Bus state signal
3 DATA1 Data1 Parallel / NC Serial
4 SDIO/DATA0 Data0 Parallel / Data Serial
5 DATA2 Data2 Parallel / NC Serial
6 INS Stick detect (connected to VSS)
7 DATA3 Data3 Parallel / NC Serial
8 SCLK Clock signal
9 VCC Vcc (2,7V - 3,6V)
10 VSS Vss
According to 9 reports in our database (7 positive and 1 negative) the Memory stick (MS) card pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
Memory stick (MS) card visual pinout:click to enlarge
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