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Late model Apple laptops, iMacs and Mac Pros have analog speed control fans. This pinout and color scheme applies to fans made by Delta Electronics, models BFB0412HB (Apple P/N 603-5520), BFB0612H (Apple P/N 603-5519), BFB0812H (Apple P/N 603-6624), and others.

The fan connectors are 6 pins (2x3 0.1 inch IDC style), but the fan connectors have pin 1 marked.  When looking end on at the female fan cable connector, pin 1 is either in the lower left or upper right, with a corresponding reversed motherboard male connector. 

Description Wire Color
1   Fan Speed Control

  0-5 volts analog fan speed control.

  0 volts=off, 5 volts = 100%, 2.5 volts = 50%, ...

  Can also be controlled using a 5 volt PWM signal.

2   Key   No connect  
3   Key   No connect  
4   +12v   +12 volts   Black with gray stripe
5   GND   Ground   Black
6   SIGNAL   Fan RPM   Gray


6 pin IDC male connector layout
6 pin IDC male connector
at the fan connector
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Apple Fan Connector (6 pin) visual pinout:
Apple Fan Connector (6 pin) diagram
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