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5 pin IDC male connector layout
5 pin IDC male connector
Fan for CPU or HD
1 Sense

yellow or white // from fan

2 12 V red // fix voltage
3 GND black
4 Speed blue or green // from mainboard
5 NC  unused

Measurements with CPU heat of 40°C:

Sense puls: ca. 27 Hz ( duty cycle 50:50), 3.3 V

Speed puls: ca. 2 usec and 43 usec pause, 3.3 V; probably a pwm puls

The fans that connect to the header are: Model AFC1212DE , DELL PIN: MJ989.


According to 19 reports in our database (19 positive and 0 negative) the DELL Dimension 9200 Fan pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
DELL Dimension 9200 Fan visual pinout:click to enlarge
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