Motherboard connectors
Intel HD Audio analog front panel dongles can support up to two analog audio jacks, each of which signals user connection, or disconnection.


1   PORT 1L   Analog Port 1 - Left channel (Microphone) 
2   GND   Ground
3   PORT 1R   Analog Port 1 - Right channel (Microphone) 
4   PRESENCE#    Active low signal that signals BIOS that an Intel® HD Audio dongle is connected to the analog header. PRESENCE# = 0 when an Intel® HD Audio dongle is connected. 
5   PORT 2R   Analog Port 2 - Right channel (Headphone) 
6   SENSE1_RETURN   Jack detection return for front panel (JACK1) 
7   SENSE_SEND    Jack detection sense line from the Intel® HD Audio CODEC jack detection resistor network 
8   KEY   No pin
9   PORT 2L   Analog Port 2 - Left channel (Headphone) 
10   SENSE2_RETURN   Jack detection return for front panel (JACK2) 

Consult the "Front Panel I/O Connectivity Design Guide", p. 22 for more details

10 pin IDC male connector layout
10 pin IDC male connector
at the motherboard (pin 8 is removed)
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Is this pinout
Intel High Definition Audio connector visual pinout:
Intel High Definition Audio connector diagram
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