Motherboard connectors

The standard USB 2.0 Header is a 10 pin .1 pitch header using the standard IDC pin numbering. The header has a key slot on the pin 1-9 side if enclosed. (The 10-pin IDC male graphic shown has the keying on the wrong side).

Standard Headers contain two ports each, and have a missing pin for filled female connectors.



Description Port
1 VBus +5V Power 1
3 D1-  USB Data
5 D1+
7 GND Ground for Power
9 No Pin Space of Filled Keying
2 VBus +5V Power 2
4 D1-  USB Data
6 D1+
8 GND Ground for Power
10 DRAIN Ground for Shield Drain


The standard USB 2.0 Header is missing pin 9 (for keying), but logically pin 9 is for port1's Sheild GND. The sheild is left unconnected if a single port cable is plugged in to port 1. Dual Port hear connectors, share port 10 for both port sheilds.   Some Pinouts will show port 10 as NC, which makes both sheilds NC.

A single port header is a 5 pin [1x5] and has the same pinout as port 1 of standard header, but wtih pin 5 as Shield Drain.  It will work in eather port of the header, but port 2 is recomended due to the presence of the Sheild Drain.

This is the most common USB 2.0 header (10 pin [2x5], missing pin 9)  and it is pin compatable with the rare 8 pin [2x4] version (missing pins 9 and 10) and 10 pin [2x5] (no pins missing). It is NOT pin compatable with the very rare (10 pin [2x5], missing pins 10 and 2).


Rare 2-missing pin header: (10 pin [2x5], missing pins 10 and 2)



1 VBus +5V Power
3 VBus +5V Power
5 D1- Port 1, Data
7 D2+ Port 2, Data
9 GND Ground for Power
2 No Pin Space of Filled Keying
4 D1+ Port 1, Data
6 GND Ground for Power
8 D2- Port 2, Data
10 No Pin Space of Filled Keying
10 pin IDC keyed male connector layout
10 pin IDC keyed male connector
at the motherboard (may be not keyed)
10 pin IDC keyed female connector layout
10 pin IDC keyed female connector
at the header cable
According to 5 reports in our database (5 positive and 0 negative) this pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
USB 2.0/1.1 Header visual pinout:
USB 2.0/1.1 Header diagram
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