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6 pin RJ12 (6P6C) male connector layout
6 pin RJ12 (6P6C) male connector

The 2 center pins (3&4 on RJ12, 2&3 on RJ11) are the primary pair (long runs are normally twisted). The 2nd pair straddles the first at 2&5 on RJ12, 1&4 on RJ11.  The 3rd pair straddles the 2nd at 1&6 on RJ12, not exist on RJ11 because only has 4 pins. If the (android/iOS) serial data link isn't needed (or not exist on some models), then RJ11 (no 3rd pair) works fine. If remote Mute & Alert aren't needed, only the center [primary] pair are used. 

Remember that if viewing the plug (male) end with PINS FACING UP, the numbers go from RIGHT-2-LEFT.

** The Alert output signal may require a driver transistor to light an LED.

1   D0   - data
2   Mute   button (in)
3   GND   - power
4   +12V   + power
5   Alert   LED (out)
6   D1   + data

On the Escort 4 pin RJ11 connector, Black Ground (GND) is Pin 2 and Red +12v is Pin3.

On Uniden R4 positive and negative are reverse too.

4 pin RJ11 male connector layout
4 pin RJ11 male connector
According to 6 reports in our database (5 positive and 0 negative) the Escort/Bel/Uniden/V1 radar detector RJ11/RJ12 power cord pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
Escort/Bel/Uniden/V1 radar detector RJ11/RJ12 power cord visual pinout:click to enlarge
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