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6 pin MiniFit Jr 5557-6 (MOLEX 39-30-1060) female connector layout
6 pin MiniFit Jr 5557-6 (MOLEX 39-30-1060) female connector
HP Spare 751886-001

This power supply is from an HP Z230 Small Form Factor PC.  It is a proprietary power supply.  It has only three connectors.  P1 and P2 are proprietary and P3 is identical to the ATX/BTX 4 pin +12V power connector that supplies CPU power, except that the yellow wires are instead brown on this power supply.  All P3 wires are 18 AWG.  All three connectors plug onto the motherboard.  The motherboard has a header with a harness that terminates in SATA power connectors for drives.  P1 is the main power supply connector for the motherboard.  Circuitry on the motherboard then generates +5V and maybe +3.3V for SATA drives.  Below are the pinouts for the P1 and P2 connectors.  See the page for the pinout of P3.

P1 Connector Pinout

 Color  Description  Wire Size  
1   COM  Black  Ground  18 AWG
2   COM  Black  Ground  18 AWG
3   -12V  Blue  Blue wire, -12VDC Supply  24 AWG
4  +12V  Yellow   Yellow wire, +12VDC Supply  18 AWG
5  +12V  Yellow  Yellow wire, +12VDC Supply  18 AWG
6  +12V SB   Purple  +12V Standby    24 AWG


The P2 Connector is a single row 0.1" spacing female connector with tabs so it can be only connected in one orientation.  The pins are numbered left to right, with the tabs up.

P2 Connector Pinout.  Note that the connection directions noted below are with respect to the power supply.

 Color  Description  Wire Size  
1   COM  Black  Ground or N/C  24 AWG
2   Empty N/A  Empty; N/C  N/A
3   Power Good  Grey  Approximately +3V when power on with no motherboard connected.   24 AWG
4  /Power_On Green   Short to ground to turn power supply on   24 AWG
5  TAC White  Label inside power supply.  Fan tachometer output.  24 AWG
6  FANCMD White w/ red stripe  Fan PWM Control input.  24 AWG

 The signals and descriptions above were obtained through direct measurement of voltages from the power supply or via board labels inside the power supply.  The fan connections were confirmed via and viewing the power supply board and labels thereon.

Ground on pin 1 in P2 is not always present and sometimes not needed. It is noticed for P2 that the first pin not connected, not the second green on ground = start of the power supply fan

6 pin single row female connector layout
6 pin single row female connector
According to 12 reports in our database (12 positive and 0 negative) the HP Z230 SFF Power supply pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
HP Z230 SFF Power supply visual pinout:click to enlarge
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