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3 pin stereo plug connector layout
3 pin stereo plug connector
Also Suitable for iBook G3 iBook G4 PowerBook G4 NB:PowerBook G3 and iBook Clamshell Require 3.5mm Jack

Basic version of Apple power connector
Works without the internal LEDs or the outer sleeve. The basis of the connector is a 2.5mm (yes 2.5mm, not 3.5mm) male jack. Functioning 100%, including charging the battery.




power adapter cable
Name Direction Description
1 (left) sense   400KOhm to GND
2 (right) GND   Ground
3 (ground) Vin <--  +24V power


Only numbers are taking in account at drawing.

Correction for Powerbook G3 and Clamshell Notebook (3.5 mm jack): Tip (1 = front-most connector) is _NOT_ connected. Ring (2 = middle connector) is the common lead (minus polarity). The sleeve (3) is connected to +24V, this is the inner (hot) wire (with white insulation) of the original G3 (yo-yo type) power adaptor.
Also there is a supply for the loading indicator LED _within_ the plug. A resistor from +24V to the outer 9.5mm tube around the power plug.

According to 22 reports in our database (20 positive and 1 negative) the Apple TiBook power connector pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
Apple TiBook power connector visual pinout:click to enlarge
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