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This slot is combo-connector that allow use of PCI Express cards or special ASUS proprietary codec cards such as SupremeFX X-Fi or SupremeFX II.

This interface is based on standard PCI Express x1 connector. Differences with standard PCIe x1 are highlighted with red.

The main principle looks most like AMR: generic audio interface resides on motherboard, and codec with all analog circuits is brought out to an expansion card. Although AMR interface was based on PCI-like 1.27mm-pitch connector, corresponding cards used AC97 codecs and was incompartible with PCI connectors, SupremeFX is based on PCIe 1.00mm-pitch connector, uses HDA codecs (something like ALC662, WM8850, WM8860, VT2021, etc), and may be used in special combo slot that supports PCIe cards.

Pin A1 is grounded by motherboard on standard PCIe slots; it brings codec to reset state if card is inserted into a non-combo slot. On a combo slot it should be ungrounded by motherboard circuitry if it detects a codec card, so codec will then start functioning.

Pin B17 (PRSNT2#/8K2) is tied up on a codec card to +12V through 8.2kOhm resistor. It is possible for motherboard circuitry to detect presence of codec cards using this pin.

Pins indicated by asterisk (A6 ACZ_DET#, B12 SPDIF_OUT) are found only on SupremeFX II Card; SupremeFX X-Fi has these pins unconnected (it has its own S/PDIF outputs).

Pins shown in gray (PE differential pairs, reset, wake, SMBus signals, and B7 GND) are not connected on SupremeFX cards. While pin B7 is not used by codec cards (even not connected to theirs ground plane), purpose of this is not unknown.


Side B Connector

Side A Connector

# Name Description Name Description
1 +12V +12 V power PRSNT1#/RESET# Codec reset / PE presence detect
2 +12V +12 V power +12V +12 V power
3 +12V +12 V power +12V +12 V power
4 GND Ground GND Ground
5 SMCLK SMBus clock SDATA_OUT Codec data output
6 SMDAT SMBus data ACZ_DET# * Audio output detection
7 GND Ground BIT_CLK Codec data clock
8 +3.3V +3.3 V power SDATA_IN Codec data input
9 SYNC Codec sync +3.3V +3.3 V power
10 3.3Vaux 3.3 V auxillary power +3.3V +3.3 V power
11 WAKE# Signal for PE Link reactivation PERST# PE Fundamental reset

Mechanical Key

12 SPDIF_OUT * S/PDIF Output GND Ground
13 GND Ground REFCLK+ PE Reference clock differential pair
14 PETp0 PE Transmitter differential pair, Lane 0 REFCLK-
15 PETn0 GND Ground
16 GND Ground PERp0 PE Receiver differential pair, Lane 0
17 PRSNT2#/8K2 PE / codec presence detect PERn0
18 GND Ground GND Ground
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ASUS PCI Express x1 / SupremeFX Combo slot visual pinout:click to enlarge
Source(s) of this and additional information: None, as information is obtained by analyzing PCB routing of SupremeFX X-Fi and SupremeFX II cards with a multimeter.
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