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INT-0062 smart signalling cable for UPS pinouts. Not officially can be called as APC INT-0062 UPS smart signalling cable.


Pin Number
Pin Name
Direction Computer
Pin Number
Pin Name
n/a Shield -- n/a Shield Frame/Case Ground
      1 DCD Connected to Shield
      8 CTS Connected to Shield
      9 RI Connected to Shield
      4 DTR Connected to pin 6
      6 DSR Connected to pin 4
1 RS232 Receive Data <-- 3 TxD TxD Send
2 RS232 Transmit Data --> 2 RxD RxD Receive
4 Signal Ground (Common) -- 5 GND Ground
6 Remote Shutdown <-- 7 RTS Kill UPS Power

It is authentically known that this type of a UPS cable is completely compatible to all APC Smart-UPS with DB9 serial ports (though about this fact there is no information on an official site of the manufacturer

UPS (DB9M)                              IBM PC (DB9F)
-----------                             -------------
Shield        x-------------------------+----x Shield
                                        |----< 1 DCD
                                        |----< 8 CTS
                                        +----< 9 RI
TxD Send    2 <------------------------------< 2 RxD
RxD Receive 1 <------------------------------< 3 TxD
Common      4 <------------------------------< 5 GND
Shutdown    6 <------------------------------< 7 RTS
                                        +----< 4 DTR
                                        |----< 6 DSR


9 pin D-SUB male connector layout
9 pin D-SUB male connector
at the UPS towards
9 pin D-SUB female connector layout
9 pin D-SUB female connector
at the Computer towards
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INT-0062 smart signalling cable for UPS visual pinout:
INT-0062 smart signalling cable for UPS diagram
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