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30 pin PDMI male connector layout
30 pin PDMI male connector
PDMI (Portable Digital Media Interface) is an interconnection standard for portable media players. Rarely used.

PDMI connector is intended to serve as a common interconnection between docking devices and displays and portable/nomadic devices with media playback capability. Intended host devices include docking stations for home A/V equipment, in-car entertainment systems, digital media kiosks, and hotel/in-flight entertainment systems.

Some connections may be missed since not all devices are equipped with all interfaces listed below.

Pin No. Pin Name Interface Group Pin Description
1 USB 5V USB 2.0 Interface USB Power (VBUS)
3 USB D+ Data +
4 USB OTG On-The-Go (allows device?to?device data transfer)
5 USB D- Data -
6 HC 5V High Current Power (Output on Host) High current 5V supply (1.8A, or 3.6A if combined with pin 15)
7 DGND / HC GND High current Ground
8 AUDIO RIGHT OUT Analog Audio (Input on Host) Right analog audio output (line level)
9 AUDIO LEFT OUT Left analog audio output (line level)
10 AUDIO OUT GND Audio output ground
11 CEC CEC Consumer Electronic Control, for HDMI remote control
12 SSR? USB 3.0 Data Device Receive USB 3.0 SSRX- signal
13 GND Signal Ground
14 SSR+ USB 3.0 SSRX+ signal
15 HC 5V High Current Power ( Output from Host) High current 5V supply (1.8A, or 3.6A if combined with pin 6)
16 HC GND High current Ground
17 SST- USB 3.0 Data Device Transmit USB 3.0 SSTX- signal
18 GND Signal Ground
19 SST+ USB 3.0 SSTX+ signal
20 HPD DisplayPort v1.1a Interface, 2 Lane (Host is Sink, Device is Source) Hot Plug Detect (includes interrupt function from host)
21 DAUX+ AUX Channel +
22 DAUX- AUX Channel -
23 AP 3.3V DisplayPort Power (Power from portable device)
24 D1- Main Link Lane 1 (-)
25 GND Signal Ground
26 D1+ Main Link Lane 1 (+)
27 GND Signal Ground
28 D0- Main Link Lane 0 (-)
29 GND Signal Ground
30 D0+ Main Link Lane 0 (+)

Warning. There are no correspomding contacts in connector if coresponding interface is not available for the device. 

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