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29 pin DVI female connector layout
29 pin DVI female connector
Most computer graphics cards nowadays does not have a Video Graphics Array connector. Some of them outputs the RGBHV (used in VGA) through their Digital Video Interface. If a graphics card has a DVI-I connector, but no VGA connector, it is likely to output VGA through DVI-I. Here we will show you how you can wire a DVI-I to VGA passive adapter. PLEASE NOTE: This scheme only works for DVI-I connectors. DVI-I carries both digital and analog RGB. DVI-D does not carry any analog RGB signal at all, so it is not possible to convert it to VGA without using an active adapter.


Pin #
Pin Name
Direction VGA
Pin #
Pin Name
C1 Analog red --> 1 RED Red video
C2 Analog green --> 2 GREEN Green video
C3 Analog blue --> 3 BLUE Blue-video
15 Ground <-- 4 ID2/RES Formerly Monitor ID bit 2, reserved since E-DDC
15 Ground <-- 5 GND Ground (HSync)
C5 Analog ground <-- 6 RED_RTN Red return
C5 Analog ground <-- 7 GREEN_RTN Green return
C5 Analog ground <-- 8 BLUE_RTN Blue return
14 +5 V --> 9 KEY/PWR Formerly key, now +5V DC
15 Ground <-- 10 GND Ground (VSync, DDC)
15 Ground <-- 11 ID0/RES Formerly Monitor ID bit 0, reserved since E-DDC
7 DDC data --> 12 ID1/SDA Formerly Monitor ID bit 1, I²C data since DDC2
C4 Analog horizontal sync --> 13 HSync Horizontal sync
8 Analog vertical sync --> 14 VSync Vertical sync
6 DDC clock --> 15 ID3/SCL Formerly Monitor ID bit 3, I²C clock since DDC2

Sometimes the DVI Hot Plug Detect should be grounded, sometimes it should be connected +5 V. This varies from graphics card to graphics card, but we recommend grounding it (connecting it to DVI pin 15).

15 pin highdensity D-SUB female connector layout
15 pin highdensity D-SUB female connector
According to 8 reports in our database (7 positive and 1 negative) the DVI-I to VGA passive adapter wiring scheme pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
DVI-I to VGA passive adapter wiring scheme visual pinout:click to enlarge
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