VGA, DVI, S-Video and other video connectors
The Mini DisplayPort (MiniDP or mDP) is a miniaturized version of the DisplayPort audio-visual digital interface. Mini DisplayPort is capable of driving display devices with resolutions up to 2560x1600. Mostly used in new Apple computers: MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, and Xserve, but also fits to some PC notebooks.
1 GND Ground
2 HPD  Hot plug detect
3 ML_Lane 0 +   Lane 0 (positive)
5 ML_Lane 0 - Lane 0 (negative)
6  CONFIG2  
7,8 GND Ground
9  ML_Lane 1 + Lane 1 (positive)
10  ML_Lane 3 + Lane 3 (positive)
11  ML_Lane 1  - Lane 1 (negative)
12  ML_Lane 3 -  Lane 3 (negative)
13,14 GND Ground
15  ML_Lane 2 + Lane 2 (positive)
16 AUX_CH+ Auxiliary Channel (positive)
17 ML_Lane 2 - Lane 2 (negative)
18  AUX_CH -  Auxiliary Channel (negative)
19 GND Ground
20  DPPWR 

Power  for connector

This is the pinout for the source-side connector; the sink-side connector pinout will have lanes 0–3 reversed in order, i.e. lane 3 will be on pin 3 and 5 while lane 0 will be on pin 10 and 12.

With a passive adapter, the Mini DisplayPort can drive display devices with VGA, DVI, or HDMI interfaces.

20 pin Apple Thunderbolt connector layout
20 pin Apple Thunderbolt connector
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Is this pinout
Mini DisplayPort visual pinout:
Mini DisplayPort diagram
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