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32 pin Mini-DVI connector layout
32 pin Mini-DVI connector
is used on Apple computers as a digital alternative to the Mini-VGA connector.

It is found on the 12-inch PowerBook G4, Intel-based iMac, the MacBook Intel-based laptop, the Intel-based Xserve, and the 2009 Mac mini. Mini-DVI connectors on Apple hardware are capable of carrying DVI, VGA, or TV signals through the use of adapters, detected with EDID (Extended display identification data) via DDC.

Description (may be empty)
1 Dat2_P  Data 2 +
2 Dat2_N  Data 2 -
3 Dat1_P  Data 1 +
4 Dat1_N  Data 1 -
5 Dat0_P  Data 0 +
6 Dat0_N  Data 0 -
7 CLK_P  Clock +
8 CLK_N  Clock -
DGND  Digital Signal Ground
17 +5V  
18 DCC_DAT  
19 spare  
 20  BLUE  Analogue blue
22   GREEN  Analogue green
21,23   n/a  
 24  RED   Analogue red
26   DCC_CLK  
 28,30,32  DGND  Digital ground
29   HSYNC  Horizontal sync
 31  VSYNC  Vertical sync


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Mini-DVI connector visual pinout:click to enlarge
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